Friday, May 3, 2013

Your invited!

Graduate of 2013 

Your invited to the graduation of Alexis Kimberly Kay Butler on May, 11, 2013 at the Woodland Bible Church at 3:00pm and her open house on May, 11, 2013 at Family Fundamental Church at 5:00-8:00pm

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So greatful for the people who gave us apples this year.

The kids love to take turns helping with the apples.

Nevaiah and Lillian.

Davis stiring the suger into the applesauce.

Asa enjoying the fresh applesauce.

Freezing Corn.

Selah loves to be a big help!
Nevaiah, Daivs, Lillian and Titus helped husk the corn.

Mom cut the corn of the cob, while I blanch and baged it.

That is about half of what we froze. I think we did about 76 quart bags.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Taking Over!

I'm going to be taking over the blog for now, so hopefully i can keep you posted on what happens around are life. So if you have any tips how I could run this thing better let me know.
 Alexis :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The newest member of the Butler Family, Asa Dwayne was born on February 16th, 2011. God is so good. Misty went in to the dr. about 4:30 pm on the Feb. 15th with Susan Helweg. I was on my way home with supper for the kids when we passed by each other on the highway (Misty was still smiling). The kids and I along with Hannah Moyer(Helweg) her daughter Melody and sister Mary Grace ate supper before My Mom and Dad came over to watch the rest of the kids while we went to the hospital. Alexis and I met up with my wife at the hospital about 6:00 pm and Dr. Erickson broke Misty's water shortly before I arrived. Prior to the dr. breaking her water, Misty was dialated to 2 cm, shortly after she was dialated to 4 cm (almost halfway there)(Misty was still smiling). 2 hours later, still at 4 cm (Misty still smiling....sort of). The Dr. came back in at 10:00 pm, still no progress, Misty agreed to a potocin drip and reluctantly an internal monitor (smile now fading away). My wife had plenty of support with Susan Helweg, Hannah Moyer, Alexis, Malina and of course Me. After I finished watching the Minnesota Wild lose the game in the family room, I was back to support Misty and rub her shoulders while Susan rubbed her lower back. By this time I was pretty tired (whew, all the hard work). My dear wife told me to go take a nap. She didn't have to twist my arm, I went and layed down at 11:00 after telling here the baby wouldn't come until 2:00 am anyway. Alexis came and got me at 1:00 am to tell me her Mother was in pretty tough shape (assuming the smile was now completely gone). I went back in the delivery room to comfort my life companion and be at her side. Dr. came in and said she was dialated to 7 cm. (getting closer....I was right, smile now gone). Contractions kept getting harder, Misty was a real trouper. After a few more contractions, Misty asked to be checked again, now 8 + cm (really close now....hint of a smile). Nurse went to get Dr. to come back in again. Nurses busy getting everything ready, everybody taking there places beside the bed (now the hard work apparent smile). Dr. sais, Misty you can start pushing with the next contraction...she didn't have to tell Misty twice, before the doctor could finish telling Alexis to watch, Asa's head appears followed by shoulders and the rest of the baby. Dr. made it back just in time to take care of the delivery. Daddy leans over and tells's a boy and we have a word of prayer together....thanking God for his goodness and the strength He gave Misty to get through (Misty is full of smiles).